Highlighting the best 12 coworking spaces in Noida, this guide presents a comparison of amenities, pricing, and unique pros and cons to help you make an informed choice.

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Coworking spaces are becoming the norm rather than an exception with each passing day, particularly in bustling hubs like Noida. These revolutionary shared spaces have evolved beyond traditional office environments, offering a facility that resonates well with today’s dynamic workforce - something that I, being a beneficiary of this, can attest to. It does not matter whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a startup owner, or operating a multinational corporation, these spaces - designed for productivity, innovation, and collaboration - will suit your needs. And here, I have listed 12 of the best coworking spaces in Noida.

Coworking Spaces in Noida Amenities Pricing
1. Office On 1. High-Speed WiFi
2. Unlimited Premium Tea/Coffee
3. Advanced CCTV Security
4. Elegantly Designed Private Cabins
5. State-of-the-Art Meeting and Conference Rooms
6. Cafeteria
Starting from β‚Ή 4,000 / month
2. Amigo Office 1. High-speed internet
2. Parking
3. Free coffee
4. Snooze room
β‚Ή 5,000 per month
3. ABL Workspaces 1. Free tea/coffee
2. High-speed internet
3. Conference room access
4. Daily cleaning
Daily Passes starting from β‚Ή 1000 / day
4. Worknomic 1. Sustainable Eco-Friendly Design
2. Health-Focused Green MEP Services
3. Cost-Effective Operational Solutions
4. High-Efficiency Architectural Layout
Collaborative seating available from β‚Ή 5,499 / month
5. Smartworks 1. Innovative Meeting/Conference Rooms
2. Specialized Anger Management Room
3. On-Site Medical Facilities
4. Well-Equipped Pantry CafΓ©
Starting from β‚Ή 8,499 / month
6. SupremeWork 1. Reliable Internet Access
2. Comprehensive Printing & Scanning
3. Round-the-clock security
4. Versatile Membership Options
β‚Ή 6,500* / month (dependent on location and amenities)
7. 91Springboard 1. Private Executive Cabins
2. Dedicated Desks
3. Flexible Open Desks
4. Convenient Part-Time Access
Starting from β‚Ή 5,200 / month
8. Awfis 1. Flexible Workspace Options
2. Corporate Enterprise Solutions
3. Tailored Design and Build Services
4. Comprehensive Facility Management
Starting from β‚Ή 9,500 / month
9. Vatika Business Centre 1. Integrated Business Management Systems
2. Energy-Efficient EMS
3. Convenient ATM Access
4. Diverse Food Court Options
Starting from β‚Ή 7,000 / month
10. Altf 1. Climate-Controlled Environments
2. Ample Free Parking
3. High-Speed Internet Facility
4. Onsite Gourmet Cafeteria
Starting from β‚Ή 4,500 / month
11. Innov8 1. Diverse Private Office Choices
2. Personalized Dedicated Desks
3. Equipped Meeting Rooms
4. Cutting-Edge Technological Support
Starting from β‚Ή 7,000 / month
12. Spring House 1. Uninterrupted Internet Service
2. In-House Pantry Amenities
3. Efficient Printing and Scanning
4. Professional Mail Handling Services
Starting from β‚Ή 8,000 / month

List of 12 Best Coworking Spaces in Noida

1. Office On

Best for Innovative Professionals

Office On Coworking space stands out as an ideal for innovative professionals seeking a blend of modern amenities and a collaborative environment. With prime coworking locations (In Connaught Place & Noida), Office On offers a dynamic workspace that caters to the needs of freelancers, startups, and established businesses alike. The shared space is designed to foster creativity and productivity with an ambiance that balances professional rigor and a relaxed atmosphere.


  • High-speed, reliable internet connectivity
  • Spacious, well-equipped meeting and conference rooms.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic seating and workstations
  • Access to state-of-the-art technology and office equipment
  • Networking events and workshops
  • Complimentary beverages and a well-stocked pantry
  • Dedicated support staff for administrative and technical assistance


  • Central location for easy accessibility
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Flexible membership plans
  • Opportunity for networking with diverse professionals
  • Regularly organized events for skill enhancement and relaxation
  • Excellent customer service and support


  • Limited parking space
  • High demand might limit immediate availability of preferred spots


Open 8:30 AM – 8:00 PM (Monday To Saturday)


Starting from β‚Ή 4,000 / month, Day Pass available at β‚Ή 600 per person and provides full access to amenities and space.

2. Amigo

Best for Start-Up Enthusiasts

Amigo Workspaces in Noida, echoing its name Spanish word β€˜Amigo’, establishes a nurturing and collaborative coworking environment suited for creatives, freelancers, and innovative startups. This space is not just about providing a desk; it is about creating a synergistic community where diverse individuals can gather to inspire and be inspired. With a focus on fostering a warm, community-driven atmosphere, Amigo Workspaces stands out as the go-spot for professionals in Noida.


  • Ultra-fast 100 Mbps internet.
  • Personalized desks for a secure, individual workspace.
  • Secluded private cabins for concentrated work sessions.
  • Complimentary Cafe Coffee Day beverages.


  • Emphasis on a friendly, cooperative atmosphere
  • State-of-the-art internet connectivity for uninterrupted work
  • Workspace versatility, catering to varying professional needs
  • Additional comforts like free coffee and ample parking


  • Possible distractions in open, communal areas
  • Limited seclusion in shared spaces
  • High demand may affect space availability


Open 9 am to 8 pm (Monday to Saturday)


Starting from β‚Ή 5,000 / month

3. ABL

Best for Start-Up Enthusiasts

ABL Workspaces excels as a versatile coworking space, ideal for professionals across the spectrum - from individual freelancers to larger corporate teams. The strength of this coworking space lies in creating an environment that encourages both creativity and productivity. ABL Workspaces provides an assortment of workspace options and caters to various work styles.


  • High-speed internet access
  • Comprehensive meeting room facilities
  • Regular cleaning and sanitization
  • Complimentary tea and coffee services


  • Flexible workspace solutions on offer
  • Situated in premium areas for ease of access
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees
  • Enhanced security around the clock


  • Limited parking space is an issue
  • Peak times may see overcrowding
  • Extra charges for certain special services


Operate 24/7


Daily Passes starting from β‚Ή 1000 / day

4. Worknomic

Best for Budding Entrepreneurs

Worknomic is a modern sanctuary for entrepreneurs and startups of the current times. This coworking space provides an ideal blend of sustainable architecture and cutting-edge technology to ensure a productive working environment for its members. This space stands out for its focus on green building principles, which ensures a healthier, more comfortable working environment.


  • High-speed internet for seamless connectivity
  • State-of-the-art gym facilities
  • Meeting rooms for different needs
  • On-site cafe for convenient refreshments


  • Strong commitment to sustainability and green practices
  • Advanced facilities and technological infrastructure
  • Focused on promoting work-life balance
  • Tailored to support startups and entrepreneurial ventures


  • Accessibility can be an issue
  • High demand for space could lead to availability issues
  • Constant evolution to match the latest business trends may require adaptability from occupants.


9 am to 7 pm (Monday to Saturday)


Collaborative seating available from β‚Ή 5,499 / month

5. Smartworks

Best for Corporate Flexibility

Smartworks Coworking space stands out as a premier choice for corporate innovators who require adaptable and high-quality working environments. This coworking space is meticulously tailored to meet the diverse needs of various organizations, emphasizing innovation and client collaboration. Smartworks excels in creating a workspace that is ideal for companies that value flexibility and a forward-thinking approach in their daily operations.


  • Ergonomically designed work areas
  • High-quality facilities and infrastructure
  • Flexible workspace configurations
  • Focus on talent attraction and retention


  • Tailored workspace solutions for different organizational needs
  • Enhances productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Flexible and cost-effective office space
  • Encourages professional networking and community building


  • Premium pricing structure
  • It may not offer the coziness of smaller coworking spaces
  • Dynamic environment can sometimes lead to distractions


8 am to 8 pm (Monday to Saturday)


Starting from β‚Ή 8,499 / month

6. Supremework

Best for Budget-Conscious Entrepreneurs

Supremework is one of the finest coworking spaces in Noida, providing an affordable coworking space that caters to budget-conscious entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking to stand out in the market. With Supremework, they can access a shared space that is designed to meet the needs of modern professionals. This shared coworking space encourages productivity and creativity, making it an attractive choice for those looking to elevate their work.


  • High-speed internet
  • Complimentary coffee and tea
  • Meeting rooms with video conferencing setup
  • Professional receptionist services


  • Economical pricing for various membership plans
  • Provision of essential office amenities and services
  • Flexible workspace options include private cabins


  • Limited upscale facilities compared to premium coworking spaces
  • May have crowded or noisy areas due to high member turnout
  • Limited parking availability


8 am to 9 pm (Monday to Saturday)


β‚Ή 6,500* / month (dependent on location and amenities)

7. 91Springboard

Best for Working Professionals

91Springboard is a prime coworking space for innovative entrepreneurs, offering a flexible and nurturing environment for startups and large businesses alike. With its commitment to creating a supportive and dynamic community and hosting over 17,000 professionals, this shared office space stands out. The blend of professional amenities and a rich community network makes 91Springboard a top choice for entrepreneurs and professionals aiming to network, grow, and succeed in a stimulating environment.


  • High-speed Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity
  • Well-equipped meeting rooms for collaborations
  • Ample parking facilities for convenience
  • Access to the workspace 24/7, accommodating all schedules


  • Diverse professional community fostering networking opportunities
  • Comprehensive infrastructure supporting various work needs
  • Flexible options catering to different professional requirements
  • Regular events for skill enhancement and community engagement


  • High demand can lead to crowded spaces
  • Many of the coworking plans are on the higher-end price work
  • Limited private spaces in common areas
  • The working environment can be distracting to many


Open around the clock to suit diverse working hours


Starting from β‚Ή 5,200 / month

8. Awfis

Best for Creative Innovators and Networking

Awfis Coworking space is designed to foster teamwork, collaboration, and community among professionals from all sorts of fields. This premier coworking space offers a network of 125 fully serviced and flexible coworking centers across India, including in Noida, making it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and teams seeking creative and dynamic workspaces. It is truly a workspace equipped to tackle the evolving needs of the modern workforce.


  • Flexible Membership Plans
  • Complimentary Meeting Rooms Credits and Discounts
  • Advanced Tech Infrastructure
  • Reliable Data & IT solutions


  • Access to a vast network of coworking spaces in major cities.
  • Flexible membership plans catering to different business needs.
  • State-of-the-art facilities, including IoT, NFC access, and internet.
  • Opportunities for networking and participating in exclusive events.


  • Not suitable for those seeking a static work location.
  • The vibrant community environment might be distracting for some.
  • Premium facilities translate to higher pricing.
  • Complex tech amenities might require a learning curve for new users.


8 am to 8 pm (Monday to Saturday)


Starting from β‚Ή 9,500 / month

9. Vatika Business Centre

Best for Working Professionals

Vatika Business Centre, since 2004, has been adept at solving office space challenges. In the two decades of its operations, it has served over 200 MNCs and Corporates. This shared space offers much more than just an office area. With its state-of-the-art technology and strong business support services, this coworking space provides a solution that allows businesses to grow and ideas to flourish.


  • Serviced Offices with Business Support Services.
  • Flexible Co-working Spaces.
  • State-of-the-art Meeting Rooms.
  • Virtual Office facilities


  • Tailored solutions for diverse business needs.
  • Encourages productivity and professional networking.
  • Advanced technological support for all services.
  • Versatile space options, including virtual offices.


  • Pricey for small businesses or startups.
  • The corporate-focused environment might not suit freelancers or creative professionals.
  • Limited operational hours


9 am to 6 pm (Monday to Saturday)


Starting from β‚Ή 7,000 / month

10. AltF Expressway

Best for Small and Medium-Sized Teams

AltF Coworking offers a variety of coworking spaces across key locations, including in Noida. These spaces are designed to cater to teams of all sizes. AltF emphasizes flexibility, with no lock-in environments and operational spaces, making it one of the best solutions for those seeking a suitable coworking space in Noida.


  • Near metro station for easy access
  • Customizable workspaces
  • Cafes and parking spaces available
  • Ergonomic designs and ample natural light


  • Strategic locations near metro stations.
  • Flexibility with no lock-in requirements.
  • Variety of amenities available, including cafes and parking
  • Suitable for teams of all sizes.


  • Pricey for small businesses or startups.
  • The corporate-focused environment might not suit freelancers or creative professionals.
  • Limited operational hours


Timing varies by location


Starting from β‚Ή 8,499 / month

11. Innov8

Best for Premium Networking and Growth

Innov8 Coworking is a well-designed coworking space located in Noida. Ideal for those seeking a premium and vibrant environment to grow their business, Innov8 provides a coworking space with a capacity of 900 seats. This shared coworking space stands out for its top-class facilities and a broad range of work environments, from hot desks to dedicated workspaces.


  • Hot-desking, dedicated desks, and private cabins
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Lounge areas and green spaces on the terrace
  • Additional services like event spaces, cafeteria, and various add-ons available


  • Premium, aesthetically pleasing workspaces in prime location
  • Strong focus on networking and community events
  • Range of workspace options available
  • Inclusive of various additional services and amenities


  • Premium pricing
  • Might not suit those seeking quieter workspaces.
  • The array of activities and events might be distracting for some.


9 am to 8 pm (Monday to Saturday)


Offers a range of pricing options starting from β‚Ή 7,000 / month

12. Spring House

Best for Working Professionals

Spring House Coworking Space in Noida Sector 62 is a vibrant, eloquently designed shared office space. This shared space caters to professionals seeking a balance of ambition and mental well-being. It is an ideal environment for those desiring a work area that combines professional aspirations with a joyful and inspiring atmosphere.


  • Resilient Internet Service
  • Mail Handling
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Break-out Zones


  • Inspiring and vibrant environment conducive to professional growth
  • Variety of amenities catering to daily work needs
  • Focus on mental well-being and stress reduction
  • Flexible arrangements with no lock-in policy


  • Lacks the intimate community feel of smaller coworking spaces
  • Higher pricing due to extensive amenities
  • Privacy can be an issue


9 am to 9 pm (Monday to Saturday)


Offers a range of pricing options starting from β‚Ή 8,000 / month

What is Coworking Space in Noida?

Coworking space is a shared office space where professionals from varying professional fields work in a communal setting. Unlike traditional office settings, these shared spaces provide cost-effective flexibility and are equipped with crucial amenities such as high-speed Wi-Fi and meeting rooms. These spaces are ideal for freelancers. Startups and remote teams promote collaboration, networking, and a sense of community, all while providing a dedicated workspace.

Who can use Coworking Spaces?


  • Flexible & tailored workspace
  • Networking & collaboration
  • Diverse skills & industries for growth
  • Environment boosts productivity

Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs

  • Cost-effective, scalable solutions
  • Networking with innovators
  • Spaces for meetings
  • Scalable for business growth

Corporate Employees

  • Cohesive, dedicated team spaces
  • Modern amenities for operations
  • Supports work-life balance
  • Cross-industry interactions

What are Coworking Spaces used for?

A coworking office, or shared space as they can be typically referred to, is used for providing a communal work environment to professionals. It comes with all the essential amenities that the members would need to operate without needing to invest in such infrastructure. A shared office space in Noida would allow individuals and teams to work in a prime location, foster collaboration with diverse professionals, and benefit from cost savings.

What are the Features of Coworking Spaces in Noida?

Prime Location

Located in Noida, a major commercial hub, coworking spaces provide businesses and professionals with an esteemed address. The strategic location not only facilitates effortless client meetings but also bolsters a company’s brand image.

24 x 7 Access

Recognizing the diverse schedule of modern professionals, the best coworking space in Noida offers 24/7 access. Catering to early birds and night owls, the facility adapts to individual schedules - promoting maximum productivity.

High-Speed Wi-Fi

In our interconnected era, access to dependable and high-speed internet is crucial. Coworking spaces guarantee uninterrupted connectivity, supporting virtual meetings, cloud operations, and a constant online presence.

Meeting Rooms

Office On understands your needs and provides fully equipped spaces for diverse requirements, including meeting rooms for team discussions and client pitches.

Diverse Workspace Options

Shared office spaces are designed to suit varied needs. From freelancers to start-ups, the adaptable choices allow for effortless scalability, ensuring a right-fit space as businesses evolve.

Parking Facility

Convenience is crucial in this day and age. With coworking spaces, professionals would also have access to spacious, secure, and well-maintained parking facilities.

What are the Benefits of Coworking Spaces in Noida?

Unparalleled Networking

Coworking spaces allow members to mingle with professionals from varied industries. This will pave the way for potential collaborations, insights, and business opportunities.

Opportunity For Growth

Coworking spaces often organize events, workshops, and seminars at the facility, enabling members to upskill, learn, and grow in their respective fields.

Safety And Security

With 24/7 surveillance and entry protocols, coworking spaces ensure that both the professionals and their assets are safe, allowing them to focus solely on their work.

Prestigious Address

Brands need that prime business address - it is directly tied to their reputation. Having an address, such as one in the commercial hub in Noida, can significantly bolster a brand’s prestige and facilitate client interactions.

Top-Notch Facilities

Modern coworking spaces come equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, such as meeting rooms, high-speed internet, printing services, and more, ensuring seamless operations under their roof.

Adaptable Workspaces

Coworking spaces have a diverse range of options for professionals to choose from. From communal desks to private cabins, members can choose a workspace that aligns with their comfort and productivity needs.

Scale With Ease

Unlike traditional offices, where a business has to spend significantly to scale its operations, brands can do so without any issues here. They can easily transition between workspace options without the hassle of changing office locations.

Dynamic Work Environment

With professionals coming from all kinds of industries imaginable, a vibrant work environment is to be expected at a coworking space in Noida. This vibrant setting fosters motivation and creativity, breaking away from the monotony of isolated workspaces.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Shared office space in Noida is an affordable alternative to a traditional office setup. Members here would have access to bundled limits without needing to pay for infrastructure and even needing to be prepared for unexpected overheads.

Pricing Models of Coworking Spaces in Noida

Coworking spaces offer a variety of pricing models that cater to the varying needs of their members. Some of their most common pricing models include:

Fixed Desks

  • A dedicated desk in a shared workspace that is yours exclusively.
  • Best for individuals or teams who want a consistent and assigned workspace.
  • Usually the most expensive option, but it provides the most stability and personalization.

Hot Desking

  • Access to unassigned desks on a first-come, first-served (FCFS) basis.
  • Increased flexibility, good for those who don’t need a dedicated desk every day.
  • Generally, a more affordable option compared to fixed desks.


  • Pay per hour or day for access to the coworking space.
  • Perfect for occasional users or those just trying out a space before committing.
  • Can be less cost-effective for frequent use compared to other models.

How to Choose the Right Coworking Space in Noida?

Here are some factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing a coworking space suitable for your needs. Ask yourself these to ensure that you are making the right choice.


Is the coworking space accessible? Close to public transport or with adequate parking? Consider the convenience factor for daily commutes.


Does it offer the basics like high-speed internet and printing? Are there additional perks like coffee/tea, lounge areas, phone booths, or even wellness facilities?


What's the vibe? Does the space attract your industry or people you'd like to network with? Do they host events or workshops that align with your professional goals?

Workspace Options

Do they have fixed desks, hot desks, or private offices to suit your work style? Do you need meeting room access for client interactions?


Evaluate the different membership plans and compare them against your budget and expected usage. Are there any additional costs for amenities or meeting room bookings?


How flexible are their membership terms? Consider short-term options or pay-as-you-go models if you need more adaptability.

Testimonials & Case Studies of Coworking Spaces


Who has not heard of this ride-sharing behemoth? Uber revolutionized the way we think about transportation. Yet, its disruptive journey began within the shared walls of a coworking space. Now a global leader, Uber continues to innovate with services like Uber Eats and Uber Freight.


Spotify is another example of a successful business with a humble origin in a coworking space. Today, this music streaming giant boasts millions of users worldwide and generates billions in revenue, demonstrating the incredible potential of coworking environments.

The Future of Coworking Spaces in Noida

The future of coworking spaces looks bright, marked by flexibility, community, and a focus on member experience. As a modern professional, I have always valued the flexibility they offer, but I see them becoming much more. It won’t just be about renting a desk - they are going to be these centers of collaboration and community.

As coworking spaces continue to grow in popularity and evolve with the changing needs of the market, I foresee a major shift with a focus on sustainability. Also, I am pretty sure, we will see more spaces popping up that are dedicated to a specific industry.

Coworking spaces could play a big role in how we work, especially with so many of us wanting that hybrid lifestyle and a break from the home office isolation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coworking Spaces in Noida typically offer a range of amenities, including high-speed Wi-Fi, comfortable workstations, meeting rooms, and lounge areas. At Office On, you can also take advantage of additional features such as a cafeteria, 24 x 7 access for flexible work schedules, and more.

Booking a coworking space in Noida with Office On will be hassle-free for customers. With both online and offline booking available, you can book your work desk at your convenience. You can also explore available plans and their pricing conveniently listed on our site.

You are required to submit some standard documentation to book your spot at Office On Noida. Typically, a valid Aadhar Card and PAN Card are required. Additionally, you would need to sign an agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of using the space.

The cancellation policy for coworking spaces in Noida generally aligns with the terms set out in your agreement. Most spaces have a lock-in period, and cancellations usually require a 30-day notice. Make sure to read your agreement carefully to understand all stipulations.

Office On offers 24 x 7 access to its coworking spaces, catering to a diverse range of work schedules. Security is a top priority at our premises. Some of the security features we employ include CCTV, security guards, and thumb-print access to ensure a safe and secure environment.

Yes, members are required to bring their own equipment to the premier coworking space in Noida. You will have access to all the amenities that are available at the premises.

Transportation is a breeze when it comes to coworking spaces in Noida. With easy access to metro stations and other public transportation, commuting here is convenient. We also have a parking facility at our premises, making it easy for those who prefer to drive.

Yes, our coworking space in Noida offers flexible rental options. Our members can opt for a single day, a few weeks, and even long-term; there are packages designed to meet diverse business needs.

Office On’s coworking space in Noida is designed to cater to a wide range of professionals. While startups and small businesses do benefit from the collaborative environment of our premises, freelancers, remote teams, and even established corporations can take advantage of our offerings.

Absolutely, our coworking space in Noida offers a variety of workspace options. We offer both private cabins as well as dedicated desks at our facilities.

10 Popular Localities for Coworking Space in Noida

10 Popular Localities for Coworking Space in Noida

Popular Localities Known For
Coworking space in Noida Sector 62 Major Tech Parks and Shopping Malls
Coworking space in Noida Sector 63 Industrial Area and is a major food hub
Coworking space in Greater Noida Green Parks and Educational Institutions
Coworking space in Noida Sector 125 Close Proximity to Multiple Universities and Eateries
Coworking space in Noida Sector 18 Luxury Malls and Restaurants
Coworking space in Noida Sector 16 Excellent Public Transportation Access, including Metro Station
Coworking space in Noida Sector 15 Local Market and Cafes
Coworking space in Noida Sector 14 Known for its quiet locale, residential areas, and small boutiques
Coworking space in Noida Sector 2 Financial Institutions and Street Food Vendors
Coworking space in Noida Expressway Luxury Apartments and high-end restaurants

Yes, you can personalize your workspace and make it feel like a true extension of your brand and identity. Feel free to add some frames of your loved ones and do more in your dedicated space.

Yes, to ensure a smooth workflow, our coworking spaces in Noida provide on-site IT support and technical resources. You only need to connect with our support team, and they will be with you within minutes.

Yes, we do organize community events. We actively foster a sense of community by organizing at least one networking event or workshop per month, creating ample opportunities for professional growth.

You can share your feedback via mail. In fact, we encourage you to do so as it will allow us to improve your experiences.