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Flexi Desk: Meaning & Definition

What is a Flexi Desk?

Flexi Desks is a flexible and dynamic approach to workspace solutions in a coworking space. Catering to freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs, Flexi Desk provides a workspace to professionals without committing to a long-term contract or even a specific desk. This concept allows users to choose any available desk in a shared office space, providing the freedom to work in a new spot each day.

Flexi Desks caters to individuals with fluctuating work schedules and a preference for varied working environments. They perfectly bridge the gap between the isolation of working from home and the structure of a traditional office.


What Are The Features Of
A Flexi Desk?

Dynamic Workplace Selection

Flexi Desk users can select any available desk in the coworking space. It offers them the excitement of a new workspace every day and stimulates creativity & productivity - something no professional would say no to.

Access to All Essential Amenities

Flexi Desks come fully equipped with essential amenities that any modern professional would need. These include access to high-speed and reliable internet, printing facilities, and other office amenities.

No Long-Term Commitments

It is ideal for those who prefer flexibility. Flexi Desks offer a workspace without the need for long-term contracts or fixed desk assignments, catering to evolving work schedules.

Cost-Efficient Solution

Flexi Desks are a budget-friendly option. They eliminate the financial burden of traditional office leases and only charge for the time and space actually used.

Networking Opportunities

The shared, dynamic nature of a Flexi Desk environment fosters networking. This setup allows users to connect with various professionals and expand their business networks.

Plug-and-Play Convenience

Ready-to-use workspaces provide immediate access to a productive environment, with no time wasted on setup. It makes flexi desks ideal for on-the-go professionals and remote workers.

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What Are The Benefits Of
A Flexi Desk?

Enhanced Work Flexibility

Flexi Desks cater to the need for adaptability in modern work life. This setup allows modern professionals to choose their working hours and days, leading to a more balanced and flexible work schedule.

Stimulates Creativity

Flexi Desks break the monotone nature that can be present in dedicated desks. The changing environment sparks creativity and innovation as different settings & interactions provide fresh perspectives and ideas.

Ideal for Short-Term Projects

Flexi Desks is ideal for freelancers and entrepreneurs who are working on short-term projects. Flexi Desks offer the perfect mix of a professional environment and temporary workspace without long-term commitments.

Reduces Overhead Costs for Startups

With Flexi Desks, startups, and small businesses can benefit from the reduced overhead costs that are typically associated with traditional setups. This modern workspace solution eliminates the need for permanent office space and related expenses.

Facilitates Easy Market Testing

For those looking to test the market in different areas, Flexi Desks in various locations provide an easy way to establish a temporary base without significant investment. It is a useful way for small businesses to increase their market presence in different circles.

No Setup or Maintenance Hassle

Flexi Desks eliminate the need to set up personal office space and its ongoing maintenance. This frees up time and resources for businesses to focus on their core activities.

Easy Steps To Get Started

How Does A Flexi Desk Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Office On’s Flexi Desk system is designed for flexibility, typically operating on an FCFS (first-come, first-served) basis. This means specific desks are not reserved in advance, ensuring a fair and dynamic workspace environment for all members.

The working hours for Flexi Desk users align with the operating hours of Office On coworking space and typically vary by location. For our Connaught Place location, the operating hours are between 8.30 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Depending on your membership, Office On may offer the flexibility to use Flexi Desks across their various locations, providing convenience and variety in your work environment. For more information, contact our support team at

It depends on the Flexi Desk plan that you have opted for. We would recommend that you confirm the specifics of your plan for details on meeting room availability and usage.

Flexi Desks are a favorite among freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, and digital nomads who seek a blend of professional workspace and schedule flexibility without the commitment to a permanent desk.

Yes, we do. Our Flexi Desk plans include access to printing and scanning facilities, as well as other crucial amenities, without which modern professionals simply cannot operate.

The frequency of Flexi Desk usage is dependent on the chosen plan at Office On. It could range from occasional day use to unlimited monthly access.

Office On prioritizes cleanliness and hygiene, with regular cleaning and sanitization of all desk spaces. We ensure a safe and comfortable working environment for all members.


Our Services

Private Cabins

Our private cabins are very spacious, customizable, and have more than just four walls. Offices are great when you work with your team with all the benefits of coworking space.

Flexi Desk

A flexible workspace is a workspace where you can use different desks at different times daily. The flex desks brings various people together from multiple teams, companies, or a diverse group of professionals.

Meeting Room

Office On understands that the meeting rooms are one of the most crucial parts of any business for the team or client meet-ups. We offer the best and most convenient options according to your needs.

Day Pass

Book a Day Pass at Office On to experience the ease of our communal facilities. If you have a business in Delhi NCR or plan to move to a prime business location within the city, a day pass at Office On is an excellent option.

Conference Room

We provide one of the best Conference rooms with a 21-seater customizable capacity in Connaught place. Our center has a completely secure and welcoming reception area.

Virtual Office

At Office On, we offer a Virtual office facility where you get everything to facilitate new connections. We provide a top-notch Communication Address with Mail Handling Service.


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