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Meeting Room: Meaning & Definition

What Is A Meeting Room?

A meeting space is a designated space in a coworking facility that is equipped for professional discussions and deliberations. These spaces are equipped with advanced audio-visual equipment, have comfortable seating with high-speed internet connectivity.

Meeting rooms play a crucial role in fostering team collaborations, making impactful client presentations, and facilitating strategic decision-making. And with the rise of remote working and online businesses, these rooms ensure a conducive atmosphere for productive and efficient discussions.


What Are The Features Of
A Meeting Room?

Prime Business Location

Situated in key business hubs, these meeting rooms provide clients and colleagues with easy accessibility. Their strategic placement reinforces the professionalism of a business.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Meeting rooms are often outfitted with cutting-edge audio-video technology. This allows them to serve as a platform for interactive presentations, video conferences, and webinars.

High Speed Internet

With robust and reliable Wi-Fi networks, these spaces promote prolonged discussions without strain. These meeting spaces can accommodate various group sizes without any issues.

Ergonomic Seating

Meeting rooms in a coworking space are explicitly designed for comfort and productivity. Equipped with modern amenities, these rooms promote prolonged discussions without strain.

Professional Ambiance

From decor to the layout, everything about these meeting rooms resonates with a professional vibe. These meeting rooms are carefully designed to create such an atmosphere.

On-the-spot IT Support

To mitigate any unforeseen technical disruptions, immediate IT support is often present at these facilities. These services ensure that meetings progress smoothly without unwanted interruptions.

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What Are The Benefits Of
A Meeting Room

Professional Image

A sophisticated meeting space exudes professionalism, shaping the way clients and partners perceive a business. It also showcases a brand’s dedication to quality and seamless collaboration.

Boosted Productivity

Meeting rooms are free from everyday office distractions. This allows them to foster an environment that encourages focus and productivity. Access to top-notch equipment also helps with that.

Versatility Of Use

These meeting rooms can easily transition from hosting internal team briefings to high-stakes client presentations. This flexibility is highly beneficial for businesses with diverse requirements.


Meeting rooms are a budget-friendly solution. They allow businesses to utilize the meeting space as needed without investing in a permanent office setup. It is a financially savvy way to access high-end facilities without incurring continuous overheads.

Data Security

Meeting spaces often come equipped with secure internet connections, ensuring that confidential discussions and data sharing remain protected. For premium meeting rooms in Delhi, security is paramount.

Networking Opportunities

Positioned within coworking spaces, these meeting rooms inadvertently present an opportunity for users to mingle with other industry professionals who are also members of the same coworking space.

Easy Steps To Get Started

How Does A Meeting Room Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

The meeting rooms at Office On are versatile and designed to cater to various group sizes. You can connect with our team and request a meeting room in Delhi or Noida, depending on your needs. Whether you are looking for an intimate space for team meetings or an expansive setting for a client meet, we have got you covered.

Absolutely, each meeting room at Office On is furnished with advanced audio-visual equipment. We make sure that our members face no difficulty with their presentations, video conferences, and discussions.

Meeting rooms are subject to booking on an FCFS (First-Come-First-Serve) basis. Office On always recommends making reservations in advance. However, we understand that spontaneous needs arise, and we strive to accommodate last-minute bookings. Connect with our support team for such requirements immediately.

Every meeting room at Office On boasts high-speed, uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity.

Certainly! While Office On members enjoy specific privileges, both members and non-members are welcome to reserve our meeting rooms in Delhi and Noida locations.

We understand that plans can change. That is why we allow Office On members to change or cancel their booking at their convenience. For more information, refer to our booking policy or connect with our customer support team.

There is flexibility in the duration for booking a meeting room at Office On. It would be best to check with our team for extended bookings at our meeting rooms in Delhi and Noida.

Absolutely! You can visit our premises and ensure our space aligns with your expectations. Please refer to our operating hours for a tour of our facilities.

If you anticipate that your meeting might extend beyond the booked time, please notify our front desk immediately. Extensions are subject to room availability and may incur additional charges.

Office On offers a range of add-on services to our members. These services include on-demand catering, technical support, and more.


Other Services We Offered

Private Cabins

Our private cabins are very spacious, customizable, and have more than just four walls. Offices are great when you work with your team with all the benefits of coworking space.

Flexi Desk

A flexible workspace is a workspace where you can use different desks at different times daily. The flex desks brings various people together from multiple teams, companies, or a diverse group of professionals.

Meeting Room

Office On understands that the meeting rooms are one of the most crucial parts of any business for the team or client meet-ups. We offer the best and most convenient options according to your needs.

Day Pass

Book a Day Pass at Office On to experience the ease of our communal facilities. If you have a business in Delhi or plan to move to a prime business location within the city, a day pass at Office On is an excellent option.

Conference Room

We provide one of the best Conference rooms with a 21-seater customizable capacity in Connaught place. Our center has a completely secure and welcoming reception area.

Virtual Office

At Office On, we offer a Virtual office facility where you get everything to facilitate new connections. We provide a top-notch Communication Address with Mail Handling Service.


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