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Virtual Office: Meaning & Definition

What Is A Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office space is a cost-effective solution employed by businesses around the world. It provides all the benefits of having a physical office space without the need to maintain an actual office. It offers a prestigious business address, mail-handling services, and more, allowing businesses to maintain a professional image while operating remotely.

As one can guess, this setup is quite popular in the current work environment. It is an ideal setup for freelancers, startups, and remote teams, enabling them to establish a strong local presence without the overhead costs.


What Are The Features Of
A Virtual Office?

Prime Location

Virtual offices allow brands to elevate their brand prestige with a prestigious business address. With a recognizable location, businesses can command trust and respect without the traditional office lease.

Mail & Package Handling

Simplify operating with managed mail services with a virtual office. This service enables businesses to streamline and remain professional without being tied to one location.


Virtual offices are an incredibly cost-effective alternative to traditional office spaces. Businesses can easily skip routine utility bills entirely.

Meeting Rooms Access

Virtual Offices also provide access to fully-equipped meeting rooms on an as-needed basis. Members of the coworking space would have access to all modern amenities without bearing the costs of permanent office space.

Easy Scalability

With Virtual Offices, scaling a business becomes a hassle-free process. Members of the coworking space can easily adapt their package to include more or fewer services based on their evolving needs.

Virtual Receptionist

Businesses can add a personal and professional touch to their customer interactions with a dedicated virtual receptionist. This service includes: managing incoming calls, scheduling, and general inquiries.

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What Are The Benefits Of
A Virtual Office

Enhanced Credibility

Having a virtual office in a prestigious instantly takes the brandโ€™s profile to the next level. To clients, the business would look more appealing and encourage them to partner with the business in question.

Geographic Flexibility

Virtual Offices grant the freedom to brands to operate from anywhere around the world, breaking down geographic barriers. Businesses can now easily tap into new markets and talent pools with virtual offices.

Zero Commute Time

A key benefit of virtual offices is they completely eliminate commuting, saving hours of time for employees. This extra can be easily channelled into more productive tasks and even enhance work quality.

Quick Market Entry

Setting up a virtual office is almost an instantaneous process. This enables businesses to enter new markets and establish their presence swiftly. This rapid market can prove to be an edge in this hyper-competitive environment.

Streamlined Expenses

With no need for a physical office, the costs related to utilities, maintenance, etc., are immediately eliminated. These savings can be easily reinvested into other critical areas of the business operation.

Optimal Resource Allocation

The lack of a physical office to manage can be a boon for the administrative staff of a business. The staff can focus on higher-value tasks like customer engagement and strategy implementation.

Easy Steps To Get Started

How Does A Virtual Office Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing of the virtual office services would depend on the location of the coworking space and the features requested by the members. You can easily connect with our customer support team to enquire about the pricing.

Absolutely, you can easily use the Virtual Offices offered at the Office On coworking spaces. Office On provides a legitimate, prestigious business address that you can use for legal and mailing purposes.

Many Virtual Offices in Noida and Delhi (including Office On) offer access to meeting and conference rooms to their members. These facilities are often provided at an additional charge or on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Yes, virtual offices are perfectly suitable for startups and small businesses that are looking for cost-effective solutions. Virtual offices provide a prime office address as well as facilities such as mail handling, phone answering, and meeting room access to members.

Most providers do offer customizable plans where you can pick and choose the services you require.

Generally, virtual office plans have flexible terms, ranging from month-to-month to yearly contracts. We at Office On do the same.

Yes, you can receive phone calls at your Virtual Office address. We offer a virtual receptionist service as part of our package.

Yes, you can easily upgrade to physical office spaces, allowing your business to scale effortlessly.

It is common practice for virtual offices to have safety protocols in place to ensure that the mail and packages are securely received and stored for the members. The members can easily collect these at their convenience.

Yes, it is entirely possible for you to do so.

Virtual Offices are suitable for all kinds of businesses, even freelancers. Consultants, startups, and even established businesses that are looking to expand their geographical presence can benefit from this service.


Other Services We Offered

Private Cabins

Our private cabins are very spacious, customizable, and have more than just four walls. Offices are great when you work with your team with all the benefits of coworking space.

Flexi Desk

A flexible workspace is a workspace where you can use different desks at different times daily. The flex desks brings various people together from multiple teams, companies, or a diverse group of professionals.

Meeting Room

Office On understands that the meeting rooms are one of the most crucial parts of any business for the team or client meet-ups. We offer the best and most convenient options according to your needs.

Day Pass

Book a Day Pass at Office On to experience the ease of our communal facilities. If you have a business in Delhi or plan to move to a prime business location within the city, a day pass at Office On is an excellent option.

Conference Room

We provide one of the best Conference rooms with a 21-seater customizable capacity in Connaught place. Our center has a completely secure and welcoming reception area.

Virtual Office

At Office On, we offer a Virtual office facility where you get everything to facilitate new connections. We provide a top-notch Communication Address with Mail Handling Service.


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