Top 10 Ideas for Modern & Small Coworking Space Designs

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10 Best Coworking Space Design Ideas & Layouts

Coworking space design are crucial in turning traditional offices into dynamic hubs of creativity and collaboration. In this blog, I delve into how innovative coworking space design layouts and aesthetic choices can create vibrant, productive environments, moving away from bland, conventional office settings.

I’ll share 10 electrifying small coworking space design ideas that can turn any modern coworking space into a beacon of creativity, collaboration, and energy. Get ready to take your workspace from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ by meeting the specific coworking space design requirements with these transformative design strategies.

10 Best Coworking Space Design Ideas to Try

1. Create a Resonating Atmosphere

Over my years as a professional, I have first-hand observed the transformative power of a ‘Resonating Atmosphere’ in coworking spaces. And while this might seem a simple and possibly a given point, throwing out the yawn-inducing beige walls and adding a splash is precisely the first design idea.

A coworking space can easily infuse the environment with vibrant colors & artistic elements. You can use this small coworking space design opportunity to reflect the brand’s essence by choosing complementary colors.

Another helpful tip is the use of thought-provoking graffiti to invigorate the workspace. The perfect blend of color and art can turn any coworking space into a productivity and positive energy hub.

2. Ensure Soundproof Workspaces

The second idea that I would recommend to the readers is the creation of soundproof workspaces – which can be done through soundproof booths.

Coworking spaces are, by design, chaotic and noisy, and while they certainly promote collaboration and creativity, one also needs quiet for focused flow. That is why creating a soundproof booth is something that you should consider.

Think sleek, light-filled pods for calls or cozy books tucked away for your writing spree – I would undoubtedly enjoy those. Keep in mind that soundproofing isn’t just thick walls; it is acoustic panels absorbing noise, specialized doors, and white noise magic. And, of course, strong Wi-Fi – your link to the outside world without sacrificing internal focus.

3. Have Quiet Zones in Your Office

Throughout my professional journey, I have realized the immense value of Quiet Zones in coworking spaces. So, I would not hesitate to advise adding them to a coworking space design layout. These spaces are dedicated to relaxation and mental rejuvenation and are a haven for professionals amidst the hustle & bustle of their fast-paced work.

Image a place where beanbags replace office chairs, offering a sink-in softness that invites you to melt away tension. Soft lighting that creates a calming aroma and maybe even a meditation area – imagination is your only limit here. This is a quiet zone for one to quickly recharge themselves & then get back to work.

4. Open Workspace with a Range of Seating Options

Open floor plans are the heart of a thriving coworking space – they are the pulse of what drives these shared spaces. Gone are the cubicle graveyards; folks want an open, creative space with different seating arrangements. And that is exactly what is needed in your coworking space.

According to every respected coworking space architecture thesis, it is necessary to have a workspace with a variety of seating options. Such a design promotes collaboration and flexibility, catering to diverse work preferences.

This approach has not only been proven to boost productivity but also enriches the coworking experiences of the members as it encourages interaction and innovation.

5. Bring some flora inside the workspace

The next idea I would bat for is incorporating air-purifying plants into coworking spaces. It has certainly been a game changer in the coworking industry. But don’t think of them as just a decorative addition to the space – these plants actively cleanse the air, creating a healthier and more serene environment. It is remarkable how much a touch of greenery can uplift the mood and enhance focus.

A mix of minimalist and maximalist approach work wonders. You can opt to add a sleek plant to add to the elegance of the space or go with hanging plants that bring a sense of liveliness and dimension – the possibilities are endless.

6. Have an Open & Accessible Kitchen

I have come to appreciate the concept of an open and accessible kitchen in a coworking space deeply over the years. This is more than just a place to eat – it is a communal hub where folks on their lunch or snack break interact.

This isn’t just about sustenance; it is about breaking down walls (literally and metaphorically) and fostering community. The open kitchen becomes a stage for shared experiences, a place where ideas simmer alongside freshly brewed coffee – and that is the idea behind this concept. This place will soon become the heart of your coworking space, encouraging a warm, community-driven atmosphere.

7. Go with Glass Walls

You might have observed coworking spaces with glass walls instead of traditional dividers. Have you ever wondered why that is the case? Glass walls promote a sense of openness and collaboration, both crucial features of coworking spaces.

Glass walls also let in an abundance of natural light, which significantly boosts mood & productivity in the shared working space. The openness and connection to the outside create an atmosphere that is both refreshing and inspiring. Also, I would add that the view of something else besides your own cubicle is a positive on its own; it certainly adds a new dimension to the workspace.

8. Add Motivational Decals

You can also choose to incorporate motivational decals in your coworking space. While this idea might not just be limited to coworking setups, it is a subtle yet powerful design choice that I have come to value over the years.

These decals, often featuring inspiring quotes or creative graphics, add an element of inspiration and personalized charm to the workspace. They serve not only as decor but also as reminders of motivation. The result is a positive and ambitious atmosphere in the coworking space – something we can all get behind.

9. Say hello to Fake Grass Rugs

Step aside, bland office carpets! It is time to welcome fake grass rugs in the coworking space. These rugs bring an unexpected breath of nature to your workspace and are also relatively easy to maintain – now, who would not love that?

Now I know what many readers might be thinking – Isn’t this a bit unconventional? After all, it is a workspace. I agree, but these rugs can alter the feel of the space, adding a touch of nature and outdoors. And isn’t doing things differently what coworking space is all about?

So, don’t second guess yourself. Bring a splash of greenery indoors and create a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

10. Minimize Distractions

Now, it is no secret that a coworking space is a hub with pulsating energy, but sometimes, these stimulation can be a bit too much. It certainly can drown out the focus, which is not good at all, especially in a shared workspace.

Minimizing distractions in coworking spaces is a design principle I have found crucial for maintaining productivity. Reducing clutter and visual distractions makes the environment more conducive to focused work. Also, such a clutter-free space fosters a sense of calm and professionalism.

Beyond Beige: Design a Buzzing Coworking Space

Ditch the beige; embrace the buzz! It is time for you to take your coworking space to the next level, and this is not something that you can do by creating a list of coworking space design requirements. You need to unleash your inner architect, break the mold, and develop a haven of productivity. Here, I have tried to list ten of the best coworking space design ideas, but don’t hesitate to venture into the unknown. Sky is your limit here!