How Office On Is Dealing With Coronavirus?

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Since the time Coronavirus has entered our lives it has created a lot of new challenges one by one. Especially for the businesses which were about to be open. But now as we all are very well aware the situation of COVID-19 is getting under control, and everything is opening back up with some precautions to keep it like it is. Every business is trying to get back on its track with some provided guidelines for each aspect.

The Steps That Have Been Already Initiated For Reopening Office On Are As Follows:

  1. 100% surety of facility being cleaned, disinfected, and maintaining the safety guidelines.
  2. Ensuring proper ventilation. Increasing the ventilation of outdoor air by opening doors as much as possible is much better than the artificial air from air conditioning.
  3. Modify the seat arrangement according to the social distancing requirements, installing transparent sneeze guards at possible places.
  4. Consider placing a High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) fan or filter to help in ensuring good air quality.
  5. Guidelines for staff: –
    1. From time-to-time health and wellness checkups.
    2. Properly vaccinated.
    3. Encourage employees to stay home and quarantine those who have symptoms of Covid-19 or even if one of their family members is sick.
  6. Establishment of some policies and practices like:
    1. Wearing masks is necessary.
    2. Temperature screening and sanitizing at the entrance.
  7. Creating a plan for a safe work environment that protects employees and customers.

In a coworking space where comfort should be the utmost priority, keeping some ground rules can get necessary sometimes. The response to Covid-19 has always been unexpected and to avoid any major situation, following the guidelines is everybody’s responsibility. With all these measures being taken by Office On, it’s hard not to think that we are one of the Best Coworking Spaces in New Delhi.

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